Title: Electronic transport in hybrid structures: low-dimensional materials, superconductors, magnets, semiconductors and normal metals 


Funding Agency: Ministerio de Economía Industria y Competitividad (MICINN).

PIs: Sebastian Bergeret and Dario Bercioux 

Closing: 30.09.2021


This project addresses various theoretical aspects of quantum transport in solid states systems with special focus on hybrid structures, superconductivity, and low-dimensional materials. 

We have identified several open research problems in these fields that form the bulk of the present project. 

The project encompasses issues related to mesoscopic physics, quantum transport in hybrid structures, superconductivity, and to the emerging research field of electron quantum optics.

The  three main research lines are: 

1. Non-equilibrium properties of superconducting structures with spin-dependent fields.

2. Transport properties of hybrid structures.

3. Electron quantum optics in graphene and topological insulators.

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