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Donostia Igeldotik

We are always interested in highly motivated students who would like to work theoretically on modern topics in the field of quantum physics. Interested applicants should contact Dario Bercioux for an informal discussion to assess the opportunities available in our group.

Students seeking a Master or Project Work should directly contact Dario Bercioux or a member of the group. 

Take also a look at the internship opportinities at the DIPC.

Currently available fellowships are:

Unfortunately, we have currently no single opening. However, you may stil apply, hoping for a new position to get available.

About the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC): 

The DIPC was created in 1999 to promote and catalyse basic research oriented towards material science and solid-state physics and is now pursuing research lines on electronic properties at the nanoscale, surface physics, photonics and quantum optics, and soft-matter physics. It is a joint initiative between the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU), the Basque Government and private sponsors and is a Basque Excellence Research Centre (BERC). The DIPC is situated on the Ibaeta Campus of the University of the Basque Country among an agglomeration of scientific and technological centers and in a lively scientific and student environment. The institute is at a walking distance from CIC Nanogune and the material physics center (CFM-MPC) of the Spanish research council (CSIC), and all three centers are strongly connected by many and deep collaborations and profit from the synergies between them.

General requirements for applicants:

Post-doc Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and need a strong background in the following areas: quantum transport physics, light-matter interaction. Spanish language proficiency is not necessary. The candidate is expected to work together with and help to advise graduate and undergratuate students.

Ph. D. Candidates need to hold a masters (or equivalent) degree, preferably in physics or nanosciences. Some prior experience in (theoretical) physics would be helpful. Spanish language proficiency is not necessary. Graduate students are expected to work together with postdoctoral fellows as well as other graduate and undergraduate students.

To apply, please email a curriculum vitae, publications and/or a thesis, names and contact information of referees, as well as a short motivation letter to Dario Bercioux.

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